What is Alternative Travel

Alternative travel is travel or tourism that is not conventional in nature; it can be a niche kind of tourism, such as going on a coffee plantation tour of Colombia,
or it can be travel for people of “alternative lifestyles,” such as thrill-seekers.

Also called alt-travel, it can be somewhat hard to define. Often, it is a journey where the person becomes a bit more involved with the destination.

Alt-travel can mean different things to different people, as it is quite the troublesome term. Some think of alt-travel as travel that focuses on a certain
theme or experience, such as gay travel, religious pilgrimages, or touring only wine yards in Greece. However, I think this is merely conventional travel
with a priority, with a specific agenda. Just because it is still common for many to consider a gay lifestyle to be an “alternative lifestyle,” does not
mean that one’s sexual orientation should determine the travel term used.



Some Ideas on Alt-Tourism

Active tourism 


ATV – Biking – Bird Watching – Bungee Jumping – Climbing – Canoeing – Horseback riding – Golf – Hiking – Kitening – MTB – Paintball …



and many more – Just ask us




explore and encounter travel

historical places

archeological sites

local communities

local cultures

rural tourism


cultural and historical heritage

wine tasting - oenotourism

traditional cuisine


traditional music



Go For Yoga and Meditation Retreats -


  • Traveling is a way to discover not only new countries and new cultures, but first of all, it's a way to discover your inner self.

  • Yoga and meditation retreats are something for you if you are looking for personal and spiritual development.


  • What to expect from such holidays? Expect transformation and reconnection with yourself.


Take a Fully Immersive Language Course


Learn Greek in Greece and experience Kalimerea Fiele (Καλημέρα Φίλε)? What can be better than learning a new language with locals while exploring their country?

Make your next holidays not only the time to relax and to have fun, but also to learn something new.


Take a Cooking Course


Learning how to prepare your favorite dish in the country you are visiting can be the best souvenir you would bring home.

I took a culinary class in Greece and it was an amazing experience. I learned to prepare Moussaka and Baklava and also
the real authentic Tsatsiki dip. I was learning to cook in a company of other travelers,
so I've got not only new cooking skills, but also I have met new friends.



Follow the Steps of St. Paul





Greece 365 experience

Greece is most known for Sun & Fun. Yes, sunshine and pleasant climate. But NO; Greece is wonderful all year round. Even in autumn and early Spring, after and before the crowds run you over. Even in winter, when it may snow and temperature is near or even below 0c. Every season has its own beauty. You may ski in Northern Greece or take long walks without sweat. Just be prepared with the right clothing and you will have the best time of your life.

4 Season Greece

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kite surfing

Enjoy the Greek waters
Kite surfing


What's more fun
Downhill paragliding


If this is for you
Greece is the place for rafting

White Wonders of Greece - Skiing is great in Greece