What is Health Tourism

Health Tourism consists of many parts

  • For Medical Reasons - Greece (and Greek Doctors) are renoknown worldwide

  • Spa & Wellness - Greece is know since antiquity for wellbeeing

  • Beauty Treatment - playes a key-role in Europe

  • Yoga etc. - in combination with luxury resorts


For Medical Reasons - Greece (and Greek Doctors) are re-known worldwide

Healthcare in Greece traces its roots to the ancient Greek civilization
Nowadays, Greece is famous for artificial insemination.
Also for budget (nevertheless brilliant in quality) dentistry.

e.g. Dental and oral tourism is quiet on budget in Greece



Spa & Wellness - Greece is know since antiquity for wellbeeing

Sun, sea, sand, salt water, natural herbs and thermal springs: the Greek recipe to relieve stress
You are reborn. Your skin glows. The signs of fatigue have diminished. Here, time becomes an ally not an enemy and with every moment that passes you feel increasingly vibrant, young, cheerful and alive. Your mind is at peace.

We offer luxury resorts which implemsnt famous international brands of beauty care product.


Go For Yoga and Meditation Retreats -

Traveling is a way to discover not only new countries and new cultures, but first of all, it's a way to discover your inner self. 
There is something magical about it. Journeys help to uncover your true calling. We leave home brainwashed, and we
come back with clear mind and peace inside.

Yoga and meditation retreats are something for you if you are looking for personal and spiritual development. However, it's
important to choose the right type, level and intensity of such retreat to make sure that it will not be too overwhelming for you.
Think what fits your needs best: a mindfulness meditation vacation, a Vipassana silent retreat or maybe a power yoga retreat?
What to expect from such holidays? Expect transformation and reconnection with yourself.



Beauty Treatment

Latest technology and high standard of services in 


e.g. Cellfina (The Treatment That Gets Rid of Cellulite), Laser Hair Removal, and many more ...





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