A fantastic choice for Schools is a trip to Greece combining fun, tourism, knowledge and activities into a perfect educational trip exploring team life


college in greeceGreece is The place for univerities to examin and study culture, history and heritage in line with entertainment and also spirit of team work


school trip greeceeducation school trip in conjunction with relaxing and fun elements can make your trip an unforfettable journey into history and culture of the ancient world


not only sights, sun and fun - but information that you will remember for a life time without the need to study by experiencing your self in an other world

Picture yourself

having your students beeing eager to want to know and learn ... GIve them the incentives to ask you for more and more information and team inspired games

We fit it all

learning in a playful way with fun and examples in realtime live history and an introduction to the roots of culture in  game-like education

School tours to Greece !

The excellent and ultimate destination for classics school trips ,College and Universities is definitely Greece. This fabulous country is loaded with fascinating sites and sights to explore. A country where the past meets the present when it comes to its famous kudos. A College or school trip to Greece will bring the up myths and legends from your students’ textbooks to life, and enable them to take in some of the world’s most important ancient architecture in the Home of Modern Democracy' and Civilization. School trips to Greece are a fantastic choice for history students as well as leisure and tourism groups. Step back in time and visit the foundation of Europe’s civilization, take in the view from Acropolis and The Temple of Zeus or be inspired in one of the many museums of ancient Athens. Experience Delphi, where you can explore ancient ruins, including the Temple of Apollo and a 5,000-seat, fourth-century Theater. Plus, see first-hand offerings to the Oracle of Delphi at the Delphi Museum.


Just to make it more interesting and also team originated, we can implement activities like Painball or visiting the fantastic Planetarium, where eye-catching performance and information will leave the students breathless.

Our team of experts will give you the opportunity to discover the Mediterranean culture with a different approach through the legacy of the Greek and Latin Civilization. Our mission is to guarantee a quality travel experience and memories with your own custom-designed itinerary.


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a visit at the digital Planetarium in Athens

Breath-taking experience

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